What Our Customers Have to Say

This is the best car wash in town hands down! The staff are always so professional and friendly. My car looks awesome after getting a wash there! I always enjoy my experience at Shine On!

Kiera Jolly 

As always best service around... friendly employees, car always looks great!!!! And free vacs are the best!!

Karin Garrison

Great wash. The only place I will go. I love the floor mat washer it really comes in handy

Wayne Griffith 

Can’t get our membership cancelled. Have been billed for last three months and haven’t used service

Brandi Grogan 

So I recommend the car wash because they do a good job most of the time.
I visit this wash weekly ( sometimes a fleet of vehicles) and never have issues. My vehicles are dirtier than most, however it has never been as issue in the past.
Apparently the new mngt team wants you to prewash your vehicles before they will wash yours.

Shaun Hollander

I pay $24 monthly for unlimited carwashes well today the blower cracked my bug shield and I was told that that was not covered. Now what do I do, have Toyota completely take it off and not use it? Or have them put a new one on and go somewhere else? The shield was $100 plus I will have labor costs? I have been calling them all day to cancel my monthly payment and the phone has been busy the whole day.

Karen L Miller

Their wash busted my mirror today and they told me it's my problem. Congrats you just lost all my business and whose ever I can take from you too!

Steve Smith

This car wash is the best!!!!! After a 29 hour road trip, they handled our bug covered jeep!!!! #teamsteve. You can find before and after pics in the "posts"

Scarlet Begonias

I have a monthly unlimited plan and usually have a great experience. I was just there and something is wrong with the vacuums. I tried several and none of them had enough suction to even get a leaf off of my floorboards. Hopefully, you guys can get this fixed soon.

Brent Epley

I tried the new Westside location today. It did a wonderful job!! My entire car was dried when I left, something that rarely happens at other car washes. Can’t wait to get the unlimited monthly package!!

Jessica Knapp
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